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Heart Desire on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 ☂ 6 comment/s

There's this phase in your life timeline where you feel like wanting something so badly to the point that you might die if you don't get it. Okay, sorry for exaggerating...

This is what we call, desire...

Your desire to be something. To want someone. To like someone and hoping that someone at least know your existence. To deeply care for someone, ended up hurting and wish you could go back in time to change your decision. To love and to be loved. To get this and that. Duh..

To get everything for free instead of buying? Oh well, that's totally me but who doesn't want anything for free lol

But, do you think that what you want, your wishes, what you longed for, is what other people want too? It is only your desire. You might be happy for your granted wishes, but what about someone across the road, someone miles away from you, someone at the other side of the Earth?

A simple example would be your heart desire to be loved back by someone who's in love with his/her partner.

Imagine that you've a few choices:
  • 1st : Ignore this puppy love feeling. Forget your desire, you might be hurt but you'll overcome this feeling. Plus, you won't hurt other peoples' feeling. Let them be together.
  • 2nd : You want to be loved back. Patiently wait. For love, you would do anything, even wait for a thousand year? When they broke up, you take this chance ----- you might be happy but for how long?
  • 3rd : You go all the way to mess up with their relationship. Wait for the right time to strike and ----- when they broke up, it's like a heaven for you. Building your own happiness from other peoples' sadness. How pathetic.
  • 4th : You ended up being a stalker... lol

The thing is, whatever your heart desire is, don't go for it if you think there's a chance to regret it later in the future, although it's only 0.01%... And have you ever imagine, what if... What if everyone's desire are fulfilled, all wishes are granted. Have you ever think of it?

This world will be chaos.

That's one of the reasons why you shouldn't listen to your heart desire. Use your brain instead.

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